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Mark Brickhouse
TREC License #20706
Phone: 254-981-3834
Email: markbrickhouse@gmail.com 


You Have Found The Home Inspection Service of The Waco Area.

Please read more to find out why I offer you the best value for this service.

Buying a home is a major expense, and there can be a lot of flaws. Whether it is old or new construction, you should protect your investment with a quality whole house inspection provided by an inspector who has been licensed by TREC and is InterNACHI certified.  Even then, a cheap inspection could be more harmful than no inspection. The cost of a home inspection is tiny compared to a home purchase, and it could save you thousands of dollars. I am determined to perform inspections that are high quality and that will reflect true integrity. I understand that when you call me, you may need your inspection performed right away; when hired, I promise to be prompt, thorough, and to provide a clearly worded report that details any safety hazards or defects in your home from the foundation to the roof top. All homes have significant defects, even well-built ones. As a licensed professional inspector, I consider it my obligation to search out those flaws, explain how they impact the integrity of your home, and make suggestions based on this information, whether you are buying or selling the property. My goal is to help you identify as many problems and potential problems with your real estate investment as possible so that you can make a well-informed decision
Because of the expense of buying a home, it is wise to be careful and deliberate at the beginning.  Everyone involved needs to know every aspect of the property. I take pride in providing this service. I work directly for the client.  My job is to be sure that the client understands every item that may be reported, especially if there is a safety issue.  My job does not end after the report is completed.  If you have any questions, even months after your inspection, you can give me a call and I will do whatever it takes to insure that you are completely familiar with the property.
I am here to assist you in making a confident decision about your property. Whether you're buying a new home and want to be sure of what you're getting or selling a property and want to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale; or if you just want a professional to inspect and advise you on the condition and maintenance or safety recommendations of your current home, I am here to help.

Have me call you.



1. How much does a home inspection cost? This is usually the number one question that I am asked. The cost depends on the location, size, age and style of the home. I can usually provide an accurate quote within minutes once I have that information. If you don't know this information, it's okay to just give me the address. I can usually get what I need to know from the internet.

2. Do you provide the cheapest service? Probably not! I want to provide you with the best service I possibly can, and must charge accordingly. What I will provide is true value for the money you spend.

3. What can I expect to get when I get a home inspection? For details, I have provided a link on the menu bar at left titled "What's Inspected." I make an added effort to identify and report anything that could be a safety concern or might be a costly repair. In addition to your report, I can provide a free Home Energy Report upon request.

4. Can I be there when you do the inspection? I strongly recommend that you be there so I can give you feedback on the property in real time.

5. I only want a roof inspection. Can you do this? If you want only certain items inspected, of course!

6. Do you inspect for termites? According to the Texas Real Estate Commission's standards of practice, you must be a licensed exterminator to inspect for termites. The training I have had is not recognized by the State of Texas. If I find indications of wood destroying organisms, I will recommend a licensed exterminator.

7. Can you repair listed defects? I have the skills and tools to repair many construction items, but if I am performing a home inspection for you I am bound by the TREC code of ethics to perform no work for twelve months. This protects you, the client, from unscrupulous operators.

8. I got an inspection from you and the deal fell through. Will you do another inspection at a discount? I will strongly consider it! I am sensitive to the amount of money you are paying while seeking a home, and I understand how expensive multiple inspections can become.

9. What is the difference between a buyer's inspection, a seller's inspection, and a realtor's inspection? Let's keep this one simple. The difference is you, the client. I provide the same thorough and objective report regardless of who the client is. My clients deserve complete information whether they are buying or selling the home or property.  

10. Who can read my inspection report? Only you, and those you wish to share it with. I respect your privacy, and will not share the information in any way without your permission.

11. Must defective items be repaired? There is no obligation to repair any defects or deficiencies. The inspection report only provides information collected about the property at the time of inspection.



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