About Those Dryer Vents

Dryer vents will often get mention when I am writing a custom home inspection report in Waco. Something like this may seem pretty straightforward to some folks, but how many of us have really looked at the condition of it, or paid attention to how it has been installed? 

There are the obvious things, of course, such as whether the vent is fairly clean.

Waco Home Inspection Part 7

Today's topic is going to be a brief overview of the safety components of a water heater and some of the latest trends in water heaters. 

Waco Home Inspection Part 5

Grading and Drainage

All of the recent heavy rain and flooding have prompted me to write about grading and drainage, which is a major section of any home inspection report. Grading has to do with how the soil is contoured around a house. In general, there should be six inches of slope in ten feet around the perimeter. Poor grading can contribute to poor drainage, which in turn can contribute to erosion and foundation problems.

Waco Home Inspection Part Three

If you are about to sell your home, just bought a new home, or are even living in a home, here are a few suggestions that may interest you. Home maintenance is, or should be, a big item on your to-do list. Some of the things I have encountered during home inspections may help you with ideas for routine maintenance, so here goes:

Waco Home Inspection Part Two

Foam Roof Insulation

About a year ago, I was contacted by a client in West, Texas, concerning a new home construction. It had already been dried in, but I found a few areas of concern. If you have read my blog on phase construction inspections, you are already aware that even a new home may have defects. However, this piece is not directly concerned with that so much, so please, read on.

Waco Home Inspection Part One

Dryers Venting to Roofs

While performing inspections in the Waco area, I have developed a pet peeve. Sorry, folks, but I have a real problem with venting dryer exhausts to the roof! Some of you may have never heard of such a thing, and frankly, I wish the option didn't exist, but it does. According to the TREC Standards of Practice, dryer vents must exhaust to the exterior. When it exhausts to the roof, that is the exterior, so what's the problem?

Home Maintenance Inspections

Home Maintenance Inspections


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