Home Maintenance Inspections

Home Maintenance Inspections


Why get an inspection for home maintenance?


The simple answer to this question is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Just as it makes sense to change the oil and replace the tires on your car, it is equally important to keep your home maintained and in good repair. From the first day that a house is completed, it begins to fall apart due to gravity and the weather conditions you are protected from. How long it lasts depends entirely on how well you maintain it. These are the reasons I offer a maintenance inspection, in order to help you develop a maintenance schedule and prioritize the items. In this way, you can plan ahead and budget the expense instead of making emergency repairs. 

If you think you may sell your home in the near or later future, a home maintenance inspection can save you thousands of dollars at the time of closing, because you will have already developed a plan to address the many issues that could hurt or hold up your deal.

What is included?


I will inspect your roof, exterior, interior, and attic and make a comprehensive list of items in need of repair. In addition, I will prioritize this list. I will include items that need ongoing upkeep, such as gutters, and make recommendations for frequency of service. I will also provide a home energy report for your consideration.

How often do I need a home maintenance inspection?


In the majority of cases, you will only need this report one time! If you make the recommended repairs and follow your maintenance schedule, the information in the report will guide you through many years of freedom from unanticipated major repairs. 

How much does it cost?


If you have an "average" home, the charge is $150.00. In some instances, if the house is quite old, large, or in need of extensive repairs, I must charge more for the more detailed report. Knowledge is power, and knowing the condition of your home for this price makes good sense. It may well be the best money you have ever spent!

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