Waco Home Inspection Part 4

Attic Staircases

This is just a quick write concerning what I look for in attic staircases. It is a very short list. First, I open it and observe the condition of the springs as it opens. The most common defect at this point is a staircase hinge that is bent or warped. This is usually due to the next thing I look for after unfolding the ladder sections, which is how well the bottom meets the floor. Obviously, cutting the bottom of the staircase is easier said than done, because most of the staircases I encounter do not meet the floor correctly. They are usually too long, which will place a strain on the hinges and cause them to bend or warp.

Sometimes they don't even come close!

One other thing I like to see is how the frame is installed. Manufacturers of these staircases require that they be fastened with 16d nails, and additional lag screws in many cases. Yet, time after time I see screws instead, which simply don't have the same sheer strength as 16d nails. 

Finally, some attic staircases are installed inside hallways or living spaces. These really should be insulated, and be able to close and seal tightly, so that precious conditioned air doesn't escape into the attic. So, when it comes to inspecting attic staircases in Waco, the list is short, but most of the components inspected are for the safety of the client. 

Until next time, have a nice day!

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